Printer Stand Table

Designed to be used as a stand for your printer and to store your consumables, CDs and DVDs.

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Width: 40 cm, depth: 50 cm, height: 58 cm.


It can be used with printers till 20 kg. that can be placed on a surface of 49 X 35 cm.


Made of high-quality acrylic (Plexiglas®) with 6 mm thickness (structure) and 4 mm thickness (shelves).


Very easy. 15 minutes assembly.


Designed to gain space in your workplace or leisure area, to keep the wires and peripherals tidy and your CDs and DVDs organised.

Additional features:

  • Wire pass-through on the upper side.
  • Straight shelves on one side and zigzag shelves on the other one.
  • Storage capacity; 20CDs + 20 DVDs, sheets and DIN A4 documents.
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