Laptop Stand - tarongina mobility Mini Laptop Stand - aluminium Laptop Stand - aluminium
To use your laptop comfortably while sitting on the ground.

It protects your mini laptop when using it outside the home.

It protects your laptop when you use outside the home.


  Laptop Stand - acrylic XL Laptop Stand - acrylic Monitor Stand - acrylic
To be used with laptops till 15.6’’ To be used with large laptops till 18.4’’. To be used with flat panel monitors and laptops.


Extending Keyboard Tray - acrylic Laptop Tray- acrylicl Computer Case Stand - acrylic
To be used with the keyboard and the mouse. To store any size laptop. To station your PCStation Case.


Printer Stand Table-acrylic

To be used as a stand for your printer.

In tarongina we just use Plexiglas acrylic materials.