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Soviet "519 Riflemen Regiment" corporal researched group

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Description: Soviet "519 Riflemen Regiment" corporal group. Researched group, including copies of Russian Military Archive and the complete translation to english. 

-Awards book

-Order of Glory 3th Class, number 633.227, awarded in 1944 "fulfilling the task of exploration near the town of Ulvuvek, in the Lublin region of Poland, on June 19, 1944, Comrade Korablinskiy despite the Enemy hurricane fire under cover of night darkness, secretly approached the enemy's reinforced combat line, rushed bravely into the trench, and threw a grenade at the machine gun point, eliminating its crew and captured a prisoner of control, a German soldier. "

-Medal for valor, number: 3.414.111, awarded in 1944 "in the combat of extension of the support point on the right of the Ptich river, near the town of Rog of the Ptichyevsk district of the Polesia region since January 30 until February 7, 1944, with his personal weapon he killed 6 German soldiers, in the combats with the German occupants he was wounded".

A genuine combat soviet WWII group!!

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