Laptop stand - tarongina mobility

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Freedom for your laptop

You will be able to carry your laptop always with you, in your laptop case, and use it wherever you need it. It is made of stove-lacquered aluminium composite panels, so it is very lightweight and easy to clean.

Comfort for you

Work or surf the web with your laptop while sitting comfortably on any surface; at home, on the grass, on the beach…, without worrying that the dirt or the humidity from the ground damages your laptop.

Assembly in a flash

Without complex locks or mechanisms, all the pieces fit together, and the stand is assembled in an easy and quick way. After using it, it is also quick to detach and store it in your laptop case.

Strong structure

Aluminium composite material is a lightweight but very strong material. Once it is assembled, the laptop’s weight gives strength to the structure. In uneven surfaces or to get a greater fastening you can use the fixing belt that is enclosed with the stand.