Make a tasting


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Each olive variety has its own specifications. The Arbequina olive produces an oil with great aromatic intensity and many secondary aromas. According to the year, the bitter and peppery flavour can differ in intensity, but it always is  a harmonious, delicate and soft tasting oil.


In addition to the olive’s fruitiness we can appreciate other secondary flavours like: Apple, ripe fruit, herbaceous, tomato, artichoke, fig, fennel, almond, banana, mint… These aromas may be present in different intensities.


In the gustatory phase we will evaluate the intensity of four basic parameters: bitter, peppery, sweet and astringent. In the same way the positive attributes reveal the quality of oil, we will also have to pay attention to any possible defect like: fusty, musty, winey, rancid, metallic etc… The presence of only one of these defects, even in the slightest degree, will make this oil not to be considered as extra virgin.

It is important that consumers are demanding on the quality of oil when it is extra virgin.


Our DEGUSTUS extra virgin olive oil is subjected to constant evaluation by expert tasters to ensure it is in compliance with the current regulations for extra virgin olive oil.