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STORAGE OF OIL                  


Throughout the olive harvest, oil making process, to bottling and final consumption, the oil undergoes an oxidation process that has to be limited to the least possible, so it will maintain its organoleptic qualities, its chemical standard values  and its medicinal  properties unaltered.

Our DEGUSTUS extra virgin olive oil is stored in underground vitrified ceramic tanks as long as possible until the time of consumption, and bottled only on order. Those underground tanks offer the best conditions for its conservation, protected from air contact and solar light, at a constant temperature not exceeding 20º C.

Once you purchase the oil, please keep it away from direct light and high temperature.

Below 7º C the oil will solidify. This does not involve any alteration of taste or quality.


 It is possible to deepfreeze oil, though this is seldom used. It will not affect its quality and the recipient won’t break since it doesn’t increase in volume.

Any recipient you will use to store oil should be very clean and dry, it is important to remove rests of old oil since they would affect the quality of the new one by transmitting rancid flavour.

One should bear in mind that oil is a life product that is the reason why its colour will change with the time, passing generally from yellow- green to golden-yellow, showing also a decrease in the intensity of its aromas.