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The region of Les Garrigues was the first to create a Protected Designation of Origin for extra virgin olive oil in the whole of Spain, given that its features (relief, climate and the Arbequina olive variety) make its oil unique the world over. Before the regional restructuring of 1936, La Granadella was the capital of the region of Les Garrigues.

La Granadella is located on a high plateau at an altitude of over 500 metres, flanked by the basins of the Ebro and Segre Rivers.


The combination of valleys with steeper terrains and of forests with croplands bordered by ancient stone walls is the key to our unique agricultural setting which, thanks to its biodiversity, allows us to apply environmentally-friendly farming techniques.


The area receives very little rainfall, enjoys long hours of sunshine, very high temperatures in summer and severe cold spells in winter, offering ideal conditions for producing this harmonious and round oil appreciated by discerning palates