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The utmost care must be taken during the oil elaboration process in order to produce highest quality extra virgin olive oil: from flowering, through growth and ripening of the fruit, to its harvest and the extraction of the juice from the olive.


It is extremely important to prune the trees in a way you ensure that the fruit receives enough sunshine, as well as to adjust the plant cover on the ground  to each year’s climatic conditions, and understand how to remain in harmony with the area’s characteristic biodiversity.


Once the olives have reached their optimal point of maturity, they are harvested and ground within a lapse of 24 hours to prevent oxidation. The obtained paste is cold-stirred to agglomerate the fat molecules. Subsequently, it proceeds to the decanter, where the oil, solids (pomace) and water are separated, and the olive juice is obtained without resorting to any other process or addition of other products.

It is left to rest for a few days to decant the slight impurities and stored in underground vitrified ceramic containers, which keep the oil at a constant temperature and protect it from the air and light prior to bottling.