Oil and health


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It is important to keep in mind that the benefits described here can only be obtained with extra virgin olive oil, the only one that keeps its antioxidants and fatty acids unaltered.


The most simple way to benefit from it is regular consumption in daily food, either raw or for frying.


To prevent constipation, take one or two tablespoonful on the empty stomach. In persistent cases you can increase the dose without problem.

To dissolve gallstones, take some oil on the empty stomach for some weeks. This will also benefit your bowel function.


Olive oil has also been used as a cosmetic since the antiquity. Here are two recipes against wrinkles to be used with a piece of cotton twice a day, letting it penetrate into the skin for about 20 minutes.



• 50 ml.  extra virgin olive oil, 12 drops  carrot essential oil,12 drops lavender  (lavanda officinalis) essential oil. Gently mix in a bottle.

 • 50 ml. extra virgin olive oil, 50 ml. extra virgin sunflower oil. Mix in the same way.


Not only the fruit of the olive tree has therapeutic value, but also the leave which is useful against high blood pressure and oedema .Boil two dozens of leaves 15 minutes in a ¼ litre of water .Take it in the morning and the evening for two weeks, rest one week and use it again for two weeks. You may also make it more concentrated boiling 30 grams of leaves in one litre water until it reduces to ½ litre, to be taken twice a day.