AMMO of Mig Jimenez Crystal Colors

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This item is an acrylic waterbased product for crystal effects. 17ml Jar.

Special acrylic paint used to easily obtain the finish of a glass surface. This water-based paint is odorless and non-toxic. It can be applied directly from the jar but also on the airbrush thinned and easily cleaned with water.

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Code A.MIG-009x
Series Crystal Colors

Product variations
Crystal Green
Color: Crystal Green
2.30 € *
Crystal Red
Color: Crystal Red
2.30 € *
Crystal Glass
Color: Crystal Glass
2.30 € *
Crystal Smoke
Color: Crystal Smoke
2.30 € *
Crystal Periscope green
Color: Crystal Periscope green
2.30 € *
Crystal Orange
Color: Crystal Orange
2.30 € *
Crystal Light Blue
Color: Crystal Light Blue
2.30 € *
Crystal Drak Blue
Color: Crystal Drak Blue
2.30 € *
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