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AMMO of Mig Jimenez A.MIG-7417 Set for Washes - Pacific US Navy Airplanes

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This item is a set with 2 panel line wash and 1 streaking product. 35ml Jars.

Weathering set for U.S. Navy aircraft in the Pacific during World War II. Includes 2 colors from Panel Line Wash line, allowing us to easily outline the colors of these aircraft:

A.MIG-1603PLW DARK SEA BLUE, for the dark blue of upper surfaces. 
A.MIG-1604 PLW PACIFIC DUST, for light blue of lower surfaces and the typical dust produced on airfields in Pacific Islands. 

This set also includes the streaking effect A.MIG-1203 STREAKING GRIME which allows us realize typical dirt effects of aircraft of the US Navy in the Pacific Theater.

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Code A.MIG-7417
Series Air Weathering Set nº4

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3 - 3 of 18 results