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TAMIYA 74084 Bending Pliers Mini - For Photo Etched Parts

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This item is a tool for use in model assembly. Indicated for Photo-Etched parts. 

Adding photo-etched parts is one of the best ways to give your model a professional-level finish, ensuring that it stands out from the pack. However, we all know that working with stainless metal parts can be trickier than with standard plastic parts. Tamiya is offering the following 3 craft tools to make using photo-etched parts easier than ever before. Purchase all 3 tools to vastly simplify your modeling work; it's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Cutting Out Parts ------------> Use Modeling Scissors
  2. Removing Flash -------------> Use Diamond File
  3. Bending/Shaping ------------> Use Bending Pliers

About the Pliers

These bending pliers are perfect for small photo-etched parts which have no identifiable bending lines. The flat tip of these pliers will give any modeler peace of mind as even if the PE parts are held firmly, they will not be scratched. When bending PE parts at right angles, sometimes the bent section will spring back, but these pliers make the bending of such angles easy without the need for special techniques. The pliers come with very comfortable grips. It is possible to bend straight lines up to 15mm at a time with this tool and it can also be used with other materials such as plastic.

Additional product information

Manufacturer TAMIYA
Code 74084
Series Craft Tools
Date Released November 2008

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