All our ingredients are carefully selects from green sources by Chocolate Orgániko of small producers who, in a rigorous and respectful of the environment, care for and cultivate their lands without Pesticides or Herbicides.

Our spreads chocolate cream are made from cacao from Dominican Republic, cane sugar, hazelnuts from El Priorat, milk and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Priego de Córdoba - Andalucía. 
The use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an ingredient prominent in Spanish gastronomy, in our creative process gives our spreads an exclusive aroma, texture and taste as well as important health benefits, as our Spreads do not contain saturated or artificial fats.

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Spread Cocoa and Hazelnut Cream

Soft aroma of Hazelnuts and

Extra Virgin Olive Oil....

6.50 *

Spread Cocoa and Hazelnut Cream with Blossom Sea Salt from Ibiza

A touch of salt from Ibiza acts as a flavor...

6.50 *

Spread Cocoa and Hazelnuts Cream with Orange

Soft, creamy and very aromatic...

6.50 *
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