All our ingredients are carefully selects from green sources by Chocolate Orgániko of small producers who, in a rigorous and respectful of the environment, care for and cultivate their lands without Pesticides or Herbicides.

We have selected the best Hispaniola cacao beans to produce this chocolate. Intense dark chocolate 70% cocoa, olive, mint, orange, chili...are some of the varieties you'll find.

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Marcona almond with dark chocolate 70% cocoa.

We have selected the best

Marcona almonds from Valencia...

5.20 *

Marcona almond with milk chocolate 36% cocoa.

Enjoy the rich blend of natural aromas

and flavours of this chocolate...

5.20 *

Marcona Almond with Milk chocolate and cinnamon.

Smooth, creamy, intense and perfumed....

5.20 *

Marcona Almond with Milk chocolate and Matcha tea.

The perfect fusion of two great cultures

(Central America and Asia)...

5.20 *

Almond with white chocolate and blossom sea salt.

Soft and very creamy chocolate that,

when it melts, leaves a delicate

sensation in the mouth...

5.20 *
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