All our ingredients are carefully selects from green sources by Chocolate Orgániko of small producers who, in a rigorous and respectful of the environment, care for and cultivate their lands without Pesticides or Herbicides.

Intense aroma and flavor Chocolate ranges. 95% cocoa, 85% cocoa, 75% cocoa, 65% cocoa. Made with Organic Golden Sugar care from Thailand. Sugar, essential ingredient in the caramelization of chocolate provides it with nuances of liquorice and toasted caramel. 

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WHYDARK*, Dark ChocoLate 95% Cocoa

Dark Chocolate, very bitter,

with an intense aroma of cocoa beans…


3.80 *

WHYDARK*, Dark ChocoLate 85% Cocoa

Dark Chocolate, sharp-tasting,

bitter and intense... 


3.80 *

WHYDARK*, Dark ChocoLate 75% Cocoa

Dark Chocolate, fruity, slightly tart.

This kind of chocolate…


3.80 *

WHYDARK*, Dark ChocoLate 65% Cocoa

Dark Chocolate, mild

with a delicate cocoa aroma…


3.80 *
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